Security is a myth

Contrary to what you might have heard, my friend, you are not safe. Safety is a story, it's something we teach our kids so they can sleep at night, but we know it's not real. Beware baffled humans, beware false prophets who will sell you a fake future of bad teachers, corrupt leaders and dirty corporations. Beware of cops and robbers, the kinds that rob your dreams. But most of all, beware of each other. The world has cracked wide open. We have crossed the event horizon. This massive connectivity. The barriers between us have long disappeared, and we are still not ready. We hurt each other in new ways, we sell and be sold, we share our most tender selves only to be mocked and destroyed. We are so vulnerable, and we pay the price. We aren't able to pretend that we can protect ourselves. It's a huge danger, a gigantic risk, but it's worth it, if only we can learn to take care of each other, then this awesome connectivity won't isolate us. It won't leave us in the end so totally alone. |